TenantCloud is a top of the line system that provides Landlords with:

  • Tenants management
  • Full accounting
  • Online payments
  • Online maintenance requests
  • Marketing site
  • Postings on multiple listing sites
  • Online applications
  • Tenant screening
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Property analysis reports

Multitasking System

  • Online rent collection
  • Rental accounting
  • Visual maintenance requests
  • Payment tracking
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Online applications
  • Cloud storage
  • Available on any device
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Yes, it is totally free to sign up

With our free Basic Account you can manage tenants, owners, and professionals in one convenient location. Additionally, you can keep track of your rental information, accept and send payments, manage maintenance, and communicate easily at no cost. You can always upgrade for additional features or downgrade to our Basic Account at any time.

What our clients say about us?

Finally I got a great system to manage my properties. I have tested approximately all of them. Keep up a good work. Thank you!

Great software. They are always improving which is nice. I put in a request before for a feature and they actually listened and implemented it. Very cool.

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Chris Smock

The convenience that this app provides with everything for contacts to applications is a critical tool for property management.

App Store

Ellis Tarver

I have been using TenantCloud more than a year now and during this time they have changed a lot, they have updated the site to be one of the best and easy online websites to use for your real estate work.


Salah E.

We own/manage about 8 luxury apartment rentals and 6 business suites and this program has everything we need to be successful. I am so excited to see where our business goes now that we have the right tools to get us there!

Software Advice

Bekah G.

I started using TenantCloud a few months back and I am very impressed with the fact that there is a continuous improvement in the program where the Customer Support team listen to the customers plus it is FREE! Wow!


Raj S.

Awesome updates! Thanks for listening to all your users' feedback!

I'm happy tenant overpayments now create credit entries automatically. @tenantcloud Thanks for the continued improvement.

I have nine single family rentals and was paying for marketing, rent collection and accounting all separately at just over $145/mnth. This does all of it .....for free.


Scott W.

I strongly recommend TenantCloud. The app is so easy. My tenants pay with PayPal and I have all the financial reports ready in one click. Great accounting. Thanks for making rent payments a breeze!


Sherrie C.

I recently was demoed a competing product costing hundreds of dollars a month, which functionally for my purposes was the same as TenantCloud. Moreover, the TenantCloud UX and design is much more intuitive sleeker and robust.

A must have! This app has greatly improved the ability for communication between my landlord and I. It is very easy to use and has several features. If you are renting and not using this app already, download it!

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I use TenantCloud and havent had any issues. I have set up a Dwolla account for ACH payments at no cost. Also, I love the marketing feature for you to market your properties.


Demi Reid Wholesaler

TenantCloud is a cloud-based platform That T.E.C. Properties LOVES! It enables landlords and tenants to manage their rentals.


T.E.C Properties


  • Our servers are encrypted with 256-bit encryption through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).
  • Your data is backed up daily. It is safe, secure, and available only to authorized users.
  • We treat your information with the strictest confidence and store it in highly secure AWS data centers.


Download it for free and enjoy TenantCloud on the go.

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